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Quantum Frenzy
by Joe Satriani, 2019

Quantum Frenzy is both self-portrait, as well as a visual study of time, light, and dimension. Viewers will note, Satriani utilizing the entire fretboard to create the visuals seen on the guitar neck. Long exposure photography enabled, Satriani to present himself from 3 different perspectives in one image.

Measuring 40”x 30” on canvas, there are a total of 50 pieces available in the edition. All are numbered and individually signed by Joe Satriani and SceneFour. Each ship with a Certificate of Authenticity.

On the work, Satriani states:
"Improvising music on the electric guitar is exhilarating! It’s like being right in time, and a little in the future, and reviewing the past all at once. It's perfectly captured in this piece."

• Measures 40"x 30"
• Edition of 50
• Numbered and signed by Joe Satriani and SceneFour
• Ships with Authenticity Certificate

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