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Radiant Convergence
by Joe Satriani, 2019

So vibrant, it almost appears electric – Radiant Convergence was crafted through Satriani’s performance on the fretboard and then mirrored by SceneFour to create this unique visual. Upon careful review, viewers will note a vast array of shapes and figures that present themselves within the “abstract” portions of the piece.

Measuring 30”x 30” on canvas, there are a total of just 75 pieces available in the edition. All are numbered and individually signed by Joe Satriani and SceneFour. Each ship with a Certificate of Authenticity.

On the work, Satriani states:
“So many times I’ve felt like there were two or more of me playing at the same time, then some catalyst arrives and there’s a convergence!"

• Measures 30"x 30"
• Edition of 75
• Numbered and signed by Joe Satriani and SceneFour
• Ships with Authenticity Certificate

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