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I'm A Golden Cat
by Joe Satriani, 2020

I'm a Golden Cat showcases a fusion of Satriani's signature painting style mixed with a background crafted from guitar performance. Important to note, the piece actually features the guitarist's handprints within the visual.

Measuring 40"x 18" on canvas, there are just 15 in the edition. All are numbered and signed by Joe Satriani and SceneFour. Each canvas includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

On the work, Joe Satriani states:
"Part Kafka, part Dali, and part "Je ne sais quoi"! My inner cat is thinking, "The sky is falling, like a golden storm. I'm terrified. No, it's beautiful!" I loved getting my hands covered in gold for this one."

• Measures 40"x 18"
• Giclee on Canvas
• Edition of 15
• Numbered and signed by Joe Satriani and SceneFour
• Ships with Authenticity Certificate

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